Transport & Logistics

WMS ( Warehouse Management System)
Goal of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) is to provide management of the information it need to efficiently control the movement of materials within a warehouse. Early warehouse management systems could provide simple storage location functionality however these days warehouse management systems provide a lot more complex functions with large amount of data. picking or placing, packing, delivery operations requires good algorithms for easy and efficient operations. Real-time monitoring of the warehouse inventory data is essential for order management and execution. Moreover a system integration is required with other Supply chain management systems such as ERP or Transportation management systems.
BQ Technology have experts in this area who can help your organization to implement WMS system after study the business requirements. Since there are wide range of WMS systems available, selection of the vendor system should be done after the analysis of business requirements. BQ Technology can provide consultation, system integration and support in this area.

Transportation of cargo faces several challenges
- Theft
- Product Shrinkage
- Inventory management problems
- on-time delivery problems
- efficiency problems
- security risks
- counterfeit problems
- Product Callback
- Lack of Information on delivery
- Administrative problems
- Supply chain Integration and data sharing problems
- Visibility problems

Complex supply chains use several Transportation modes such as Ocean, Air and Road. There are several areas for improvement in global supply chains. This include Outbound and Inbound Logistics areas as well. Identification of bottlenecks is the first step towards finding a solution. BQ Technology provide advanced Supply chain optimization solutions for Transportation and Logistics industry. These solutions help business to improve the efficiency and quality of their supply chains.