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Cargo Tracking
Cargo Tracking is one of the difficult tasks most of the Supply chains have. After the shipment from manufacturing units, visibility is low for most supply chains. Poor visibility means poor management that will cause many loss in business from Theft, misplacement, delivery delay, security and several other factors. Our Cargo tracking solution provide end to end visibility for your cargo starting from manufacturing to the point of delivery. Your cargo will be completely visible in the supply chain for you that help administration, security and management of supply chains efficiently and effectively. This solution can be extended to manufacturing in-process for a complete visibility of manufacturing process as well. Information on delivery(IOD) can also be tracked using our solution. We are leading company in the world for Cargo Tracking knowledge and experience in Transportation, Logistics and Manufacturing. We support Air cargo, Ocean cargo and Road. You can track cargo using Airway bill number, bill of lading or invoice number using our solution.