AI Technology Go Back

BQ Technology have an AI Lab where state of the art AI technology research and development of applications is carried out. Our AI research started since 2014, analysed various business requirements and use-cases. Market requirements were advanced that helped us to work on challenging problems. Big data analysis was part of this research and applying AI technology on Big data is one of our key strengths. We have also expertise both in Text & Image processing using AI technology.
We will be able to help you to implement AI technology for your product/solution successfully starting from the requirement analysis, suitable proposal. Implementation and integration using our expertise in this area. Since this technology requires a longer period of research, using our expertise help customers for

  1. Implement AI technology in their systems quickly
  2. Reduce the cost of development
  3. Results are assured for the investment
  4. Ready-to- use software
  5. Consultation/advise for defining the requirements