AI Technology Go Back

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the disrupting technologies to be part of our life. Machine learning technologies have been used in software systems in the past and recently AI technology revolution has become a reality. Earlier people were not convinced about the benefits this technology can bring to business/life change but these days it has become easy for people to understand it.
BQ Technologies have a long history of working with AI technology projects. We have a lot of experience in AI technology working with leading AI consultants; companies and business users to develop new generation AI systems including AI cloud. For a successful implementation of AI systems, below factors are important

  1. Good knowledge about AI algorithms
  2. Good knowledge on Big data technologies
  3. AI system architect/design/implementation experience
  4. Knowledge about the data models useful for AI
  5. Use cases to identify AI driven benefits
Mastering above areas requires long research and development experience. Unfortunately this will be very hard for developers new to this area especially due to lack of information in internet that enable them to master this technology.
BQ Technologies started AI projects in 2013 and involved in AI projects with Big data as well. Challenges are high with Big data AI systems unless you have a successful implementation experience. This is where BQ Technologies make a difference. We have AI system architects, data scientist, project managers and system developers familiar with the challenges in this technology implementation. BQ Technology have setup an AI Lab in 2014 to fulfill the customer requirements for AI technology and system development.