Product R & D

BQ Technologies have a Software Development Process that produce software with great Quality, Speed and is Economical. BQ Technologies develop software with right people in right places. Certified Professionals manage Software development small, medium or bigger size. Close communication with customers is guaranteed throughout the project with Bridge PM or SE and consistent and predictable quality results produced across all projects. Japanese language ability is also our strength for development and customers can communicate in their language. Offshore development team gives a high cost efficiency advantage to customers. We deliver software with Guarantee and Quality Certification.

Product development capability including research, planning, development, testing on a spiral model is one of our key strengths. Develop products and package software requires a higher level of IT expertise, domain knowledge and advanced research ability. A focused approach is necessary to produce quality software products in the key business areas for the customers. BQ Technologies integrates smart ideas, smart people and smart technology to develop smart products. CMMI quality standards are used for the product development projects. Customers get the opportunity to develop world quality software products, faster and economical using this model. Our product support level and quality is one of the best in the IT industry.

Projects are managed based on CMM Level 5 Quality Standard Knowledge and Expertise. Key Process Areas for the project addressed from the beginning of the project itself with a detailed Project management plan. Assessment of the project is done in a defined interval and make sure the goals of the project accomplished.

Technology has been always our strength. We deliver value to customers through advanced Technology and Research. Technology Change Management (TCM) Group in the organization assesses the Technology trends and proposes the strategy to maintain the technology leadership.