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More and more business are moving their IT services to cloud for easy management of their system at a lower cost. Organizations can focus on their core business by outsourcing the Cloud hosting and support. Hosting charges also can be minimized by using a pay-as-you-go model. Good implementation of a cloud based IT infrastructure improve the manageability and reduce the maintenance cost. Cloud hosting server locations can be selected near to your customers by using public cloud service providers like Amazon AWS.

BQ Technology have highly professional team for Cloud hosting / support for AWS cloud based applications. We have experience for setup the cloud service hosting environment in optimized and scalable way. Our expertise include cloud Instance configurations, network setup, application server/database setup, backup configuration, data storage, clusters setup, Big data processing environment create etc. We are doing hosting of live services and supporting it since several years. We have good expertise in No SQL databases on cloud as well. worked with No SQL databases MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase etc. Web services development and hosting in cloud is one of our key strength. We have developed and running cloud based applications having more than 300 webservices in single project.

Web based micro-services architecture is widely adopted now and we had opportunity to work with several projects in this area. Some of the systems that we developed include high transaction systems that requires real-time capturing of large amount of events from IoT systems. We have also expertise with Elastic search configuration in AWS server along with BI tools. Big data query and reporting applications we have developed in cloud with excellent performance to display dashboards, charts, graphs etc. We have received several appreciations from our clients for excellence in this area. We have also experience working with AI systems on cloud along with machine learning & data mining applications.