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MIP is an API platform suitable for broad range of requirements including AI ( Artificial intelligence). This advanced API platform provide more than 300 apis for various application development including AI applications, CMS, E-Commerce, CRM, Marketing etc. Customers can integrate this framework to their products and add new features quickly. Technologies like AI have a long time period for software development. It may take huge money investment and still the results are not guaranteed. In BQ technologies we have built this platform with more than 3 years of Research and development. Advanced data import APIs that suit for wide range of data models make the system integration task easier.Please contact us for more details

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MIP AI For Contents

MIP AI shall be used for capturing, training and recommend contents that include Text, HTML, Image, Video, etc. By using advanced Machine learning algorithms MIP can predict the outcome from the contents and user behavior data. This can benefit various applications for Personalized contents, Contents Risk monitoring, Contents prediction, One-to-One Marketing etc. Contents can import to this platform by using CSV, JSON, API etc. Big data is supported for AI analysis that normally requires years of research and development to develop successful systems. MIP is a Ready-to use AI platform that suit all content based requirements.

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MIP API shall capture the data from devices such as temperature, pressure, humidity etc. by using advanced methods of data import, device characteristics can be imported to this platform. Segments can be created and AI data analysis shall be done by selecting the device attributes to predict the outcome in advance by using Deep learning technology. Device characteristics(master data), Transaction data and other related information shall be used for AI. By using the AI technology bottlenecks in the Factory can be find out and the future possibility of major issues that may occur can be predicted. Demand and supply can be optimized for Manufacturing units. AI can also detect the defective products early by using the Image recognition and deep learning methods.

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