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This is where our Web Marketing Intelligence platform is very strong and capable of deliver value to businesses by automating the data capture, analysis and conversion. It also includes the CRM integration function for managing your customers. This tool can be integrated with your website irrespective of it is developed in any CMS in the market or other platforms.also integrates several data sources to enable this conversion easier and efficient.

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Buisness Website

Website is the face of all businesses. Success of a company depends largely on how customers find their company and products/services through internet and social media. In the past, companies were doing SEO, promotions and campaigns to bring more traffic to their web site. However now a days companies are looking for intelligent and efficient tools to convert site visiting users to customers in efficient ways. Our Web Marketing Intelligence Tool called "MIP" can do this for you.

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SEO,LPO Promotion

Consider an e-commerce website usiness that earns revenue mainly by selling products online. There can be situations when large number of people coming to your website but the conversion (to customer) rate is low. This can be caused from various reasons such as difficulty to find the right information, less attractive web site contents or design, promotion target, content or timing problems and so many other reasons.Without understanding the bottlenecks and rectify it these businesses can hardly be success. Proper analysis of your website visits is so important to find bottlenecks and increase customers.

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