BQ Technologies


BQ Technologies Quality concept is based on the motto "Quality Software delivery need Quality People and Quality Process integrated through Quality Communication and Technology".

BQ Technologies software development practices and processes are based on a Quality Model called BQM (Business Quality Model) that is derived from CMMI Level 5 and ISO standards knowledge.

We set 'quality first' as our policy in all phases of the business process management. At the same time, we give software services with excellent speed. Reusable components and Tools are used to increase the productivity and throughput.

Our people generate great momentum in business by taking initiative and leadership with good communication abilities. We have Japanese speaking people and partners in Japan for Project Management in specific business areas.

Quality Assurance Team (QAT) within the organization is responsible for conducting final test before customer delivery. This department is in charge of Use cases preparation, Test cases preparation for various Test levels, Test and Bug reporting, Bug Tracking, Quality Audits, Reviews and other activities for Quality Assurance.

Project Management Team (PMT) is identified with a written Project management plan (PMP) is prepared from the beginning of the project. Each Key Process Area (KPA) comes under CMMI Level 5 are addressed in the PMP and project is managed accordingly. Any Deviations of the project from the project plan is closely monitored and corrective actions taken including revision of project management and make sure the final goals set for the project are achieved.

Training department constantly conduct training programs for technology change management and keep a fresh pool of engineers and technology experts for projects. Seminars and tutorials are periodically conducted by internal and external experts and working groups.

Quantitative approach is taken to measure each process area and constantly looking for improvement areas. Data is captured and analyses from each phase of the project that identify the strength and improvement areas.

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