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What is STS ?
STS is a unique Web application Software with RFID integration, developed by BQ Technologies. STS used for Schools & Parents to ensure the Safety & Security of the students/children while travelling in the school bus by getting real time information about the bus and the children boarded in it. STS also deals with driving pattern of driver and avoidance of long & tiring waiting hours of children/parents at pickup & drop points. Parents would get SMS alert on boarding-In & boarding-Out of children from the bus. They also would get advance SMS alert about the arrival of bus at pickup/drop points. STS also gives alert in case of harsh driving, over speed, breakdowns or accidents. It also provides data on the number of students travelled in a particular trip to assist management to optimize the Operation. Each Student will be given a unique RFID Card containing his/her details and it can be used as a School Identity Card as well.

STS Goals
To achieve travel safety and securities for the School Children using school transport with latest GPS, RFID & Camera integrated technologies To provide real-time information on movements of vehicles and children to keep track by the transport desk as well as parents using internet technologies To generate necessary MIS reports for continued improvement on the efficiency & operation of the transport fleets To save cost by optimizing the school transport fleet To provide the log sheets for Safety, Security audit requirements To check the Vehicles, Drivers statutory compliances